Today was an introduction to the work of the contractor, who will arrange a river arm along the right bank of the Drava near Nova vas as part of the Frisco 2.3 project.

The tender documentation for the construction of a branch on the Drava River near Mali vas was published on the public procurement portal in early August. At the end of the public procurement, the contractor DRAVA VGP Ptuj d.o.o. was selected to carry out these works. In the public procurement procedure, the company PROVOG d.o.o. was selected for construction supervision activities.

Three pools and a rock dump will be built in the river arm in the area where the Drava riverbed is closest to the road. Rock protection will provide conditions for the formation of nesting grounds for rare and endangered bird species. In order to create shelters for fish, the installation of ten sustainable dams and twenty trunks is planned.