Slovenian Water Agency, together with the selected contractor, HIDROTEHNIK d.d. Ljubljana, in a joint performance with the partner VGP Drava Ptuj d.o.o., concluded a contract for “Arrangement of the left bank of the river Kolpa in the village Kuželj”. The value of the contracted works is EUR 337,991.44 without VAT. The contract includes the reconstruction of the existing flood protection of the left bank of the river Kolpa in the village of Kuželj on a section of approximately 200 m in length and thus the protection of the village of Kuželj against floods with a 100-year return period. The protection will be replaced or supplemented by a new flood wall made of stone in concrete and a high-water embankment. The bridge and stairs will be flood-protected with aluminum slats, which will be used in case of high water (at the alarm). The company MOST INŽENIRING, d.o.o. was selected for the construction supervision. The works will start on 15 July 2021, and the project is expected to be completed by the end of September 2021.

A qualitative inspection of the completed works took place at the construction site of the Drava river near Mala vas. Based on the notification of the construction contractor on the completion of the works, the construction supervision contractor convened a meeting of all stakeholders. As part of the qualitative inspection, it was established that the works on the construction site were completed in accordance with the contractual requirements and project documentation.

Yesterday, the camera crew of Television Slovenia showed up at the construction site of the Drava river branch near a small village. They recorded a contribution on the course of the construction of the river arm into which water from the main riverbed will flow at higher water levels. The new sleeve, with the implementation of pools and dams, will be extremely important for the creation of fish shelters.

You can watch the video at from 3:39 onwards.

Today was an introduction to the work of the contractor, who will arrange a river arm along the right bank of the Drava near Nova vas as part of the Frisco 2.3 project.

The tender documentation for the construction of a branch on the Drava River near Mali vas was published on the public procurement portal in early August. At the end of the public procurement, the contractor DRAVA VGP Ptuj d.o.o. was selected to carry out these works. In the public procurement procedure, the company PROVOG d.o.o. was selected for construction supervision activities.

Three pools and a rock dump will be built in the river arm in the area where the Drava riverbed is closest to the road. Rock protection will provide conditions for the formation of nesting grounds for rare and endangered bird species. In order to create shelters for fish, the installation of ten sustainable dams and twenty trunks is planned.